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Why are at home shoots appealing to families – Example of a relaxed & fun At home family shoot – by Stephanie, Essex & Suffolk Family Photographer –

Opting for a studio or an outdoor shoot is a personal preference.

Both present advantages and there are times when one wins over the other. I think it’s always great to mix both. Studio shoots can capture beautiful clean and clutter free portraits of your child, focusing on his and her looks at a certain time in his/her life. Outdoors shoots are weather dependant yet they are versatile and often easier to arrange.

  • At home shoots are becoming popular and appealing to parents with young children.

Beside the advantage of not having to get your family ready and on time to an agreed location with your photographer, at home shoots offer an environment that is familiar to the little ones. All is on hand whether it’d be change of clothes or extra snacks. All toys are on site and within reach. Photographing a daily routine such as cooking or playing in the garden is relaxing, easy to set up and children will be more likely ready to cooperate. Plus it is always nice to get images of your own home, your child’s bedroom or a favourite playroom maybe.

This sweet & short 1 min video below is showing you the outcome of this fun photography session with 2 rather lovely kiddos, their pretty cool mum and a chilled pug called Marley. Located in Suffolk, their home offered lovely settings from the playroom to the lounge finishing with the garden with ample space allowing the children to run freely. Children – you did great! x

Family photographer Essex Suffolk Hertfordshire, cambridge         Family photographer Essex Suffolk Hertfordshire, cambridge

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