The wedding of Lynn & Steve at Warley Park Golf Club, Brentwood, Essex

  • Todays couples tend to opt for the documentary style wedding, an unobtrusive way to capture moments and guests when they are not purposely posing. Over the years I have mastered the way of mixing with people without being noticed, it is highly entertaining for me, I feel like a spy but with a good purpose! I believe I am good at gaining peoples trust and I always get the cooperation of the most camera shy guests.

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Lynn & Steve. It was an emotionally charged day with an overall sense of pure joy and elation.

When you have the huge responsibility of photographing someone’s wedding it is key to build up a rapport with the couple. I instantly liked Lynn & Steve from our very first meeting and I could not be happier when they confirmed they wanted to book me for their wedding at Warley Park Golf Club in Brentwood last May. What made the actual day even more enjoyable for me was the friendliness of everyone involved, family & friends, not just the B&G.

The weather was quite unpredictable and minutes before the ceremony was due to start, staff was busy preparing a room should the wedding need to be moved indoors, fortunately it held off for the duration of the ceremony and only started raining afterwards although it did not seem to bother any guest. My spare bridal umbrella became handy as I gave it to Lynn who was too busy chatting & hugging guests to worry about a few drops. Lynn & Steve were probably the most relaxed B&G I have worked with. On my request, Lynn had made a list of the must have pictures but on the day it was clear she and Steve simply wanted to enjoy the day and their priority was to mix with the guests. I therefore let them be and fully appreciate the moment. Instead later in the evening I got Lynn & Steve to come with me for a quick photo session, including guests. It was perfectly time, we sure made a great team.

Below is a sample of their beautiful day.

(Thank you to all the staff at Warley park Golf Club for their help and cooperation on the day)

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