The wedding of Jay & Kaz at Reids, Billericay, Essex

Lots of happy times and fabulous moments. Some of the highlights for me were probably the speech which were funny, emotional, genuine and overall highly entertaining.

I’d rather be a person of many pictures rather than words, I think images speak volume. So I leave you with a selection of Jay & Kaz’s big day, a fusion of British & Turkish cultures at its best.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Pehlivan! It was a delight being your photographer.


IMG_2460-Edit-2 IMG_2483-Edit IMG_2486-Edit-2 IMG_2491-Edit IMG_2517 IMG_2536-Edit-Edit IMG_2543-Edit-2 IMG_2553-Edit IMG_2568 IMG_2569-Edit IMG_2572 IMG_2588 IMG_2606-Edit IMG_2612-Edit IMG_2619-EditIMG_2624-Edit IMG_2629-Edit IMG_2641-Edit IMG_2642 IMG_2650 IMG_2652-Edit-3 IMG_2659-Edit-2 IMG_2666-Edit IMG_2682-Edit-2 IMG_2685-Edit IMG_2699-Edit-2

IMG_3244-Edit-2IMG_2701-Edit IMG_2712-Edit-2 IMG_2722-Edit-2 IMG_2727-Edit-2


IMG_2740-Edit IMG_2744-Edit IMG_2754-Edit-2 IMG_2770-Edit IMG_2777-Edit-2 IMG_2780-Edit IMG_2784-Edit

IMG_2790 IMG_2792 IMG_2794-Edit

IMG_2805-Edit-2 IMG_2807-Edit IMG_2815-Edit IMG_2821-Edit IMG_2826-Edit-2 IMG_2831-Edit-2 IMG_2835-Edit-2 IMG_2848-Edit IMG_2855-Edit IMG_2866-Edit IMG_2877-Edit  IMG_2886-Edit IMG_2920


IMG_2999-Edit IMG_3011 IMG_3045 IMG_3107 IMG_3110 IMG_3115 IMG_3129 IMG_3132 IMG_3143 IMG_3134IMG_3150-Edit-3

IMG_3161 IMG_3179 IMG_3183 IMG_3185


IMG_3191 IMG_3302-Edit IMG_3305-Edit-2 IMG_3319-EditIMG_3326-Edit IMG_3397-Edit IMG_3343 IMG_3365-Edit IMG_3377-Edit IMG_3382 IMG_3346-Edit IMG_3398-Edit-2 IMG_2871-Edit-2


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