Taking pics of my own kids should be a walk in the park, right? Discovery Park, Essex – Family photographer

One could say I have taken quite a few pictures of people over the years, from babies to adults. I have had many challenges photographing people for various occasions & in different locations, sometimes under time pressure & not ideal weather conditions. I have mastered the skill of toddler persuasion when it comes to posing for photos. I have practiced the technique of snapping that genuine giggle seconds before tantrum and boredom settles. And if I ever felt I was not being challenged enough, I’d ask to throw a couple of animals in the frame.

Yet I find my most difficult subjects are my own children.

Ok so maybe I used to have high expectations of how they should perform in front of the camera. ‘Stop playing about, get down that tree, do what you’re told, stop hitting your brother, hold him, like you care, don’t smile too much, stop pulling that face, be NATURAL!!!’…Last Friday was a beautiful Autumn afternoon. After school I decided to take the boys and the dog to the park and take a few pictures. No military instructions this time, here are a few images. I love Autumn just as much as Spring…

IMG_4777-Edit IMG_4778-Edit

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