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I love photography, I love photographing people and I love pretty things. One could say I could be easily distracted by something sparkly but when it comes (….ooooh shiny!) to photographing jewellery and other girly items I can stay focused 😉

Amongst other commercial photography projects I was commissioned to do last year, I remember very well the photoshoot for a bridal jewellery range. Yes I do remember the day of the shoot very well, it involved lots of ivory, white, pearls, sparkles and lace. It was a day of ultimate prettiness & elegance with a classic twist. Coming across a recent page spread in the ‘Wedding Cakes’ magazine was a bonus, it is always a pleasure to see my images published.

Commercial Photography

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Bridal gowns, pretty jewellery, professional make up, sometimes I wish on the other side of the camera. For that matter, I have practiced selfies on occasions but the interaction between the remote trigger and myself is somehow not so exciting. So I think for now I will simply continue entertaining my passion for pretty things by taking photographs. My photographic skills are far better than my modelling assets.


Headpiece PS with Love – MUA Celina Keywood



Make Up by Celina Keywood – Jewellery from PS with Love ‘Boho Collection’

Recently I was given a funded project for perfume and jewellery commercial photography. I was not given any instructions as to how the items needed to be shot. I put together a spread outlining the important elements required for the images. The focus was on lines, composition, lights. It had to show simplicity whilst retaining elegance. The feedback I received was great. On the bonus side I also got to try some of the items and purchased a perfume, it was in my opinion a productive week combined with a happy ending.

Commercial Photographer Essex, Cambridge, Suffolk, Herts

Commercial Photographer Essex, Cambridge, Suffolk, Herts

Bridal Commercial Photography Essex

I am a very fortunate person to do a job that I love. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people & new businesses. Whether it is maternity, newborn, children, wedding, portrait, corporate or commercial photography, there is something new to see or someone new to meet. Whether it is of a chubby nature, a cute, inspirational, elegant, fun or just different subject I love the whole process of capturing this in images.

And on this note I shall leave you with this last image taken from a shoot in Dulwich last month. Ok so its not shiny but its got balloons!

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