When teddies come alive – After the Gruffalo, a new story in images for the little ones

Following a comment made by one of my sons wondering what his teddy was doing at home whilst he was at school all day, I posted a blog with images showing the daily routine of the Gruffalo (Featured image)

My sons loved these so much they begged me to spy on the rest of the teddies and take more pictures. So I did.

I was not expecting such reckless behaviour, especially the older ones, my sons thought their teddies rocked.

Recently Josh told me all excited that one of his school friends, Amelia, had told him that her teddies come out alive at night. I am now waiting for a nocturnal assignment anytime soon…


'Teddy Story' p1

'Teddy Story' p2




'Teddy Story' p3 'Teddy Story' p4.