Useful Info: FAQ / Mini photo sessions / Photographing young children (Tips for parents)

  • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What are digital images?
Often clients ask me the difference between prints and digital files:
Digital files or digital images are images that are emailed to you via a link, that you can download and save on your computer or on a USB stick/CD. You can then print them as often as you wish and in any format you like, large or small. My digital images are always fully edited (which mean they have gone through some post processing where minor scratches, unwanted marks may be removed, colours, contrast and sharpness may be enhanced). They are also submitted in high resolution meaning you can print them in large format without affecting the quality of the print.

Can I order all digital images taken on a shoot?
For special events photoshoots such as christenings, birthday parties, weddings etc… prices do include all images. These images must tell a story and lots of them are taken for the duration of the event.
For normal photoshoots, standard packages for digital images are available and include a number of images.
Watermarked digital images are also supplied free of charge for those wishing to share on social networks.

Have you got fixed priced packages?
Yes I do! Fixed priced packages are available on request. They include digital images, prints and wall products, some include a mix of those products.
And you can always also order as you wish, which means you pay for the photoshoot then order either prints, wall products or digital images.
And there is no minimum spend so you can work around your budget.
I can provide valuable advice when it comes to placing your order and deciding on what is best for you. I do not do the hard sell! I will always discuss your needs and budget prior to confirming an order.




  • A word (or 2) on Mini Sessions

Mini session vs Standard photoshoot:
You need to work fast with children yet you cannot rush them. If they do not want to perform, it will only add pressure to the parent and the photographer to achieve good results in a short period of time.
Most importantly the experience must be enjoyable as this will also reflect on the images.

Afterall when booking the services of a photographer you have based your choice on some of his/her work that you have viewed. But you have not necessarily met him/her in person yet. A good photgrapher must of course be able to take great images, must know how to work quickly and efficiently, adapt to the possible changes of circumstances but must also be able to build a rapport with the models in a short period of time.

Let me give  you and example, last month I was asked by a mum to photograph a 5 year old girl. When they met me the little girl had her arm crossed and her body language clearly indicated she simply did not want to have her pictures taken. This is when having the luxury of time becomes crucial. I was able to introduce myself and ask her about her likes/dislikes, her life at school etc…the arms dropped, the conversation flowed but she was still not keen on doing any pictures so we walked and talked and then I asked her to suggest poses that in her view would look good. She made some suggestions and then went on demonstrating them to me. I asked her permission to take pictures of them to see on the screen if it worked.
A contact was established and a rapport was built.
A happy child will always result in good images.

With mini photoshoot sessions, the parents feel pressured and may get angry with a child who does not want to play ball. They have their eyes on the clock and are less patient with unwilling children.

And the same applies for any type of photoshoots, not just those for children.

Speaking of myself, the quality will not be compromised but so much can be achieved within a short period of time.

Saying this I do from time to time offer mini shoots especially coming to special dates such as Mothers Day. These are great for getting a couple of beautiful images to offer the lovely mum but remember that dates are fixed and so are allocated times.

When you book a standard photoshoot I will not allocate you a specific time, you book me for a service not a timed session.
The hour may not be spent shooting continuously, but in the case of children shoots, will allow you or the child to stop for a little break, a snack or a play. For couples, make over shoots or family shoots, this will give you the opportunity to change outfits if you wish. Most people find this experience a lot more enjoyable and less rushed.


  • Photographing young children – Useful Info For Parents

When booking a photoshoot for young children, there are simple steps to follow and tips you can use to make it a successful session.

  • ‘Prepare’ your child few days before a shoot by just telling them you would like to get some nice pictures of them but don’t insist too much. They need to know however the more you talk about it the less cooperative they may be on the day.
  • For the older children, get them choices of outfits you have picked beforehand and get them to choose the ones they would like for the shoot.
  • Do not make them wear shoes or outfits they will not feel comfortable in or are not used to wearing.
  • Tell them about the photographer – his/her name at least. In my case I always introduce myself to the child, show them the equipment I will use and tell briefly  them about my own children
  • On the day of the shoot, avoid bringing too many friends/relatives. Keeping it to a minimum put less pressure on the child who otherwise will feel more intimidated and feel like he/she is performing for a crowd.
  • Avoid the ‘nana’ full of advice – you know who she is! – the one who thinks she is the only one to make their grandchild smile, who likes to sing lots of songs and entertain everyone with puppets. They disctract everyone and tend to ‘suggest’ the best poses to photograph the child. Always best to leave the experienced person ie. the photographer interact with the child and decide with the parent  or sometimes an older sibbling the various poses. Ok, that one was for a laugh, but these nanas exist, BELIEVE me 😉
  • Relax, dont pass on your stress to your child or apologise to the photographer if the child seems shy or in a bad mood. In my case, I am resourceful, I have tricks up my sleeves and children myself. I understand!
  • Do not worry – that your child does not seem to be doing anyhting he/she is asked to do. In my case I always seem to get the frames you don’t seem to see.
  • Finally – use bribery, lots of it or I like to call it ‘incentives’. I use it on my sons – all the time – but do use it carefully. A little incentive before the shoot for the hesitant child and a reminder of the reward during the session often helps. A happy meal or chocolate seem to be the top incentives used by parents I have found 🙂

Photographing Young Children

I hope you will find all of the above useful and answer some of the questions you may have had.

If you would like to book my services, you can either email me at or call me on 07854 815 859. Emails are monitored on a daily basis and so are voicemails left on my phone.

Stéphanie Fairweather