Escape to Langkawi

If there is a place I love travelling to, it is Asia. Having backpacked in my younger days to Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Indonesia, I knew I would love Langkawi, an island to the west side of Malaysia.

As a special pre 40th birthday treat for hubby and I, we decided to take the children there in January and spent 10 days of pure relaxation at the beautiful Andaman resort.

Here is a selection of images taken during our family trip. After deciding not to take my full photographic gear, I opted for one my my most basic lens as well as a prime 50m lens, I also took a Lumix point and shoot camera and used the iphone on a couple of occasions. Although I was limited as to what type of images I could take, I tried to use the equipment available and had the advantage of travelling lighter with a more portable version of gear.

‘Nuff said, images below:

700 metres high cable car, not for the faint hearted but worth the trip up:-

Untitled 3


Some of the wildlife in Langkawi. These (with the exception of the crocodile!) were spotted on the Andaman resort itself. The male monkey featuring on the bottom left is responsible for snatching a cookie out of my sons hand and for  finishing the rest of my mojito.

Untitled 4

Untitled 5

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Malaysian dance entertainment – ‘dont go too close son and I’ll get picked for dancing centre stage’ … It did not fail

Untitled 7

Malaysian BBQ evening at the Andaman resort. Another sublime feast.

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Sunset stroll on the beach

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Untitled 12

Untitled 13

Untitled 15


Early morning coffee on the terrace

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Untitled 19

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Untitled 21

Untitled 22


children & family photography essex, suffolk, cambridge, herts

Untitled 24

Lost in his dreams…

children photography essex, suffolk, cambridge, herts


It was in my sons own words: ‘the best holiday EVER’…

children photography essex, suffolk, cambridge, herts