Back to my roots – a taste of beautiful Lille

Quite often people ask me why I moved from France to the UK. Love I guess although at the time I was not with my husband – having spent time in Essex for work experience in order to complete my University degree back in my twenties, I had simply fallen in love with the country, I felt comfortable I guess. I enjoyed the countryside, the culture, the history, the British humour, sometimes even the food! Sure the weather was not as enviable as the French riviera but coming from the North of France, Lille, it did not make much difference. After completing my degrees I moved to the UK. At the time I was going there on a temporary basis and told my mum I would ‘try it out’ for a few months, that was 19 years ago, I guess she is no longer waiting for me to come home anytime soon.

So a husband and 2 kids later I am happily residing in the UK and the idea of moving away again one day may be on the agenda, who knows what the future will bring. However I would not return to my hometown Lille. I would be too keen to go somewhere completely new – to ‘try it out’ again. But Lille remains my hometown and will always hold my childhood memory.

I am lucky to be in a position to return to Lille on a fairly regular basis and apart from doing so because I want to share the culture with my bilingual twin boys, I thoroughly enjoy what Lille has to offer. Young, dynamic, trendy, elegant and buzzing, there is plenty to do.

Last weekend I decided to spend a couple of days with my French family, without the children in tow this time and was able to wonder through the town armed with my rather heavy & bulky yet much loved camera! I only took a few snaps, the night before we had celebrated my return in town and I had forgotten that a 3am bedtime was considered an early night -our wedding had finished at 6am the following day. Anyway, having gone to bed that late (for me) I was still feeling a tad tired and enjoyed a short walk in town the next day.

Here are some images of the town day & night and its popular Sunday market:



Market 2

Le Merveilleux




Grand Place


Lilloise, this is what I am and always will be!