Commercial Photography Essex-Bridal

A day spent with 3 brides…

I was recently commissioned to do a photoshoot to showcase the stunning brand new wedding jewellery collection from ‘PS With Love’.

I met up with Beverley Pile few weeks before for a consultation meeting and we discussed the requirements, the models needed, the styles and the location we would be using.

After much preparation and careful planning few weeks leading to the shoot, I was now all ready to go.

Day of the Photoshoot: Celina Keywood (Make up By Celina), our make up artist for the day, started on our models early in the morning.


Once hair and make up complete we headed to our stunning location along with 3 models, 8 wedding gowns, bulky camera gear, hairspray and lots of pearls and crystals.

Everything went smoothly, we seemed to have it all under control. However the shoot went ‘slightly’ over the allocated time and it was an unexpected warm day, the dresses were tight to say the least and we took limited breaks but despite all this our models remained patient and followed my instructions with ease.

IMG_8054 IMG_8065

After an 8 hour long photoshoot I decided to call it a day and start packing up. It is not until I reached home that I suddenly realised how exhausted I actually was but there was no time for me to put my feet up. I had to look after my 6 year old sons, cook them dinner, bath them and empty the car with all the gear I had used for the day. After ordering a kebab for hubby and I, I could not resist checking that all images were OK and safely backed up. 4 hours later I  was still working and the tea that my husband had made me a while ago was now stone cold,  it was time to switch everything off.

I thought I would fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow but my head was still buzzing from the day and lying there I thought to myself ‘that was a long day but I loved every minute of it’…

To view the whole collection of ‘PS With Love’ new jewellery collection (Boho/Heritage), check Beverley’s Facebook page ‘PS With Love-Unique Handmade Jewellery’.

And if you would like to view more images of this photoshoot, check out the gallery ‘Commercial’ and ‘Women’, alternatively check out my Facebook page.