Lego Art

A unique piece for the home – One of my images printed on Lego blocks

Hubby and I combined (creative) forces to produce this little gem: One of my images printed on Lego blocks encased in an acrylic frame. I like it…a lot…

This has suddenty given me the urge to print more of these and plaster them all over the boys bedroom.

However these do not come cheap and  the ‘uniqueness’ of the item would be lost were there be more than one. I shall therefore settle for just the one and display instead a large collection of gorgeous acrylics and aluminium prints all over the staircase walls because when you order one, you simply want more.

Acrylics and aluminium prints are becoming really popular and if you find the right photographer -hint, hint- you could replace your shop bought wall products in your home with fun, modern, elegant, edgy looking images of your family, children or pets… Spring is in the air (or should be soon), I will be organising outings in some lovely areas for those interested in outdoor shoots so keep an eye on my posts in Facebook or on the website.

On this note I am off polishing my frames. With a bit of luck all these wall products will distract visitors from the current untidyness of the house. ‘Admire my walls, these are clean’.

Happy Friday and hope all of you yummy mummies get spoilt on Sunday (subtle hint for husband).